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Here we present the bestselling perfumes of 2022, the most popular formulas our customers found in the year. This selection includes timeless showstoppers, office friendly diffusions and perfumes that conjure fond memories.

When it comes to feminine fragrance it's clear from this selection that people were looking for different things. As ever, here at Bloom we were able to deliver. From different interpretations of rose to decadent ambers, the common theme is always quality and craftsmanship. But what makes it a bestseller? We find that a bestseller provides a sense of familiarity, enabling the customer to stay within their comfort zone whilst also exploring the niche world of fragrance. Secondly, a bestseller is often superior in comparison to its contenders. Finally, a bestseller has something that stimulates the imagination.

Some of the hits have been such for years but there are a few new exciting entries. Whatever the weather, 2022 will be a year that smelt good!

The Ghost In The Shell Etat Libre d'Orange Pretty modern molecules

The dreamlike quality is down to the complex molecules that are so carefully curated. The result is a perfume that is creamy, fresh, floral and universally appealing. Unusual and ultramodern but unequivocolluy pretty.

Talento Mendittorosa Miraculous rose

Mint and roses are perfectly balanced by Menditerossa to create a truly special perfume that is both timeless and contemporary. It is a fresh and iridescent rose, desired by those who love sophisticated and sensuous tones in perfume.

Damask Ormonde Jayne A serious rose

With graceful and elegant rose, gentle fruits and warm amber, Damask inspires respect and attention. Beautiful materials excellently crafted it’s no wonder this has become one of Bloom’s most essential rose scents.

Eau de Protection Etat Libre d'Orange Blooming roses

An incredible darkly floral perfume. With so many interpretations of the rose combined in one transparent cloud you will be seeing in rose tinted glasses all day long. Universally appealing.

Ambré Lumière Molinard Unadulterated elegance

When it comes to classic amber, Ambre Lumière is Bloom's bestseller. It is a glorious and sumptuous interpretation of what amber in fragrance can be. Clever perfumery.

Super Moon CARNER Tempting sweet jasmine

A delightfully fruity and enveloping fragrance that conjures summer nights lit by the most fantastic moon. With mandarin, amber and sparkling jasmine, Super Moon holds a floral softness that sings to gentle, pretty spirits.

Cherry Passion Sly John's Lab Makes your mouth water

Cute and sophisticated at the same time hence its immediate and intense popularity. With red berry fruits and a vanilla and sandalwood base it is undeniably delicious.

Heart of Alma-Ata Aura of Kazakhstan The bliss of apple orchards

With a heart of honey and dark fruits on either side this undeniably delicious. In a moment of genius the scent is brightened with a crisp splash of black tea, that warms into rich, sexy vanilla. Loved by the joyful and confident.