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Here we present the bestselling perfumes of 2022, the most popular formulas our customers found in the year. This selection includes timeless showstoppers, office friendly diffusions and perfumes that conjure fond memories.

When it comes to masculine fragrance it's clear from this selection that people were looking for different things. As ever, here at Bloom we were able to deliver. From smoky nuances to fresh and versatile, the common theme is always quality and craftsmanship. But what makes it a bestseller? We find that a bestseller provides a sense of familiarity, enabling the customer to stay within their comfort zone whilst also exploring the niche world of fragrance. Secondly, a bestseller is often superior in comparison to its contenders. Finally, a bestseller has something that stimulates the imagination.

Some of the hits have been such for years but there are a few new exciting entries. Whatever the weather, 2022 will be a year that smelt good!


Panda Zoologist Popular for a reason

Panda’s third year in the bestsellers pack and with good reason with it’s 'cool guy’ appeal. Haitian vetiver comes at the forefront with iso-e-super giving a crisp modern edge - Panda is a fragrance adventure into a bamboo haven.

Wicked John Strangers Parfumerie Stylish and noir

Bloom's firm favourite for men looking for something a bit darker. Smokey gunpowder gives an elegant edge which is balanced by the classical fougere blend. Brilliantly niche but easily wearable.

A City on Fire Imaginary Authors Daring smoky

An intense cade and spikenard diffusion. The refined smoke accord makes this a cool and luxurious scent. Enjoyed by those who take the town by storm, a darkly creative type with an adventurous soul.

602 Bon Parfumeur Known for its versatility

An ideal candidate for an everyday clean scent with cedar, pepper and vetiver. 602 is woody and fresh and who doesn’t love that! This is minimalist perfume at its best offering elegance and excellence at a great price.

Oud Imperial Perris Monte Carlo Comfort zone oud

Oud will always be fashionable and Perris Mont Carlo delivers a leathery, warm and luxurious interpretation. It’s no wonder then this is one of our most popular perfumes in the oud family.

565 SweDoft Indulgent oud

Indulgent with candied bergamot peel soaked in amber and oud, with a pinch of animalic musks. The wearer will be as charming and joyful as this delightfully diffusive fragrance. No wonder it's so popular!

PG11.1 Indian Wood Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale First class woods

The perfect everyday woody perfume. It is difficult to find someone that does not love the spicy, coconut and lemon vibes. A popular fragrance for those who want to stand out.

Aqaysos Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Contemporary fresh

Smooth bright and light cashmere woods with depth brought from cold dry spices. A delightful fragrance born from an exquisite balance of breezy clean tones and blind woods. Universally appealing!

Fougère Royale Houbigant Tested by time

The ultimate in revamped fougere for the modern age. The perfectly-blended green and fragrant foliage will leave you feeling refreshed and sauve. For when 'cool' means classic.