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Here we present the bestselling perfumes of 2022, the most popular formulas our customers found in the year. This selection includes timeless showstoppers, office friendly diffusions and perfumes that conjure fond memories.

When it comes to fragrance in 2022 it's clear from this selection that people were looking for different things. As ever, here at Bloom we were able to deliver. From different interpretations of incense to decadent woods, the common theme is always quality and craftsmanship. But what makes it a bestseller? We find that a bestseller provides a sense of familiarity, enabling the customer to stay within their comfort zone whilst also exploring the niche world of fragrance. Secondly, a bestseller is often superior in comparison to its contenders. Finally, a bestseller has something that stimulates the imagination.

Some of the hits have been such for years but there are a few new exciting entries. Whatever the weather, 2022 will be a year that smelt good!


Memoirs of a Trespasser Imaginary Authors Irresistable smoky vanilla

An indulgent warming and smoky vanilla, Memoirs of a Trespasser is diffusive radiating the most delicious ambiance around the wearer. Add to that a wonderful story of an adventurer relaxing by the fireplace with a glass of cognac and you have an enduring bestseller on your hands.

Tabac Rouge Phaedon Paris The classier tobacco

Bloom's most popular tobacco. Beautifully crafted, Phaedon have hands down produced a better amber tobacco than the more commercial brands. Tabac Rouge is eternally loved for its sensuous warmth and complex blend.

Fathom V Beaufort Dramatic green

An infinitely complex green, as deep as the ocean. With bright green leaves, fresh aromatic juniper, to rich mimosa, the evergreen vibes of frankincense and finally dark earthy green of vetiver create an extraordinary experience. It's no wonder it's so popular.

Beso Pasión Beso Beach Sparkling fig

A contemporary woody and aromatic fragrance with fresh spices, ripe fig and delicious citrus notes. A Barcelona beach vibe perfume that works all year round. Popular with the cool and the confident.

Vetiver Santal Marie Jeanne Versatile sandalwood

The perfect candidate for an everyday clean scent; simple exquisite excellence. From the world's foremost supplier of finest natural perfume materials. Vetiver Santal is a standout scent showcasing two of the most fashionable ingredients in modern perfumery.

Entre Ciel et Mer Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere Seaweed for real

A drop of real marine algae absolute for convincing sea breeze vibes. This is the ultimate dreamy marine. Eternally popular for its cool wearability whilst maintaining niche status.

Still Life in Rio Olfactive Studio Delicious delectable citrus

Hitting the bestseller list due to its bright joyful charm and warm yet fresh feel. A coconut citrus cocktail that transports you to Rio in one spritz. A scent you'll always be in the mood to wear.

Anti-Blues Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Indulgent incense

With aromatic whirls of bitter cocoa, balsamic vanilla and some curious enigmatic rich incense vibes. Its long lasting beauty will reveal layer after layer of ambery, resinous, cocoa and lightly smoky shades. Adored by those seeking the warmth of luxury.

Riviera Sunrise Atelier des Ors Intriguing citrus

Escape to summer and a fresh start! With this delicious citrus blend featuring lemons, sweet oranges and mandarins floating above the freshness of basil, fig and cedar. Universally appealing!