Jasmine: The Blonde Diva Of Perfume theme

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When it comes to gorgeous floral perfumes, the mellifluous jasmine is true a leading lady, one that’s as much vital to the composition of a scene on her own as her attachment is to the success of the overall picture.

A flower with several different scent facets, the jasmine can smell green and airy or it can feel heavier, more narcotic, indolic and animal. It’s a material that's regarded as an essential component in modern perfumery, even though natural floral extracts are so rare and scarce nowadays that some cost more than the price of gold.

We’ve selected six perfumes from our range that uses jasmine in decidedly different ways to give you a better idea of the manners in which it’s used in perfumery today…

Jasmin et Cigarette Etat Libre d'Orange Bold and mysterous

Much like the name suggests, Jasmin et Cigarette fuses our all powerful floral note with the dry and substansive elements of tobacco. Blending a similarly rich, creamy and narcotic interpretation of jasmine as in PG23, with an apricot accord gives the flower real body.

PG23 Drama Nuui Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Noctirnal and intoxicating

Drama Nuui is a very French take on the narcotic aspects of the jasmine flower. It’s heady and creamy, much like the true flower is, but those aspects are turned up and amplified by the musk and sandalwood creating a very direct and lifelike take on the nocturnal jasmine blossoms.

Sable & Soleil Phaedon Paris Solar and lactonic

On the face of it, the jasmine in Sable & Soleil might seem hard to place amongst all the sweetness of coconut, vanilla and tonka, but it’s there alright, sitting in the centre of the pyramid helping lift the sweetened notes to the fore of the fragrance.

Latin Lover CARNER Generous white flowers bouquet

Rituale Mendittorosa Old-school glamour

Jasmin de Pays Perris Monte Carlo French jasmine grandiflorum soliflore