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There is one thing we noticed after dealing with perfumes for more than a decade: some fragrant materials smell best during seasons when plants they come from thrive. So the ideal time to savor a citrus perfume is summer. During winter months (that's our observation as well) citrus notes tend to be shy and sleepy.

For mid summer we picked the best bergamot perfumes by various outstanding perfume houses we stock.

"Something with bergamot" is a very popular request. However, it's a classic, very versatile top note - so it happens to be in around 60% of the formulas. Bergamot has a pleasant (and not compromised by the use in cleaning products) citrus aroma. It seamlessly fits into floral, amber, gourmand and woody compositions, hence its popularity. But this way searching for a bergamot themed perfume turns into a quest - the note is everywhere but formulas built exclusively around this fleeting citrus note are rare.

In this edit there are perfumes for reference as well as examples of how bergamot can be styled with fresh woods, soft incense and amber. There is even a perfume where bergamot aroma is coming from an entirely different plant.

Run of the River Parterre Bergamot effect of a special variety of mint

Parterre are adventurous horticulturalists from Dorset who experiment with plants that usually do not grow on the British Isles, Whereas they have been successful with cultivating vetiver, with citruses they established that there is not enough sun and warm weather. However, they managed to find a variety of mint that smells a lot like bergamot. So in this perfume the bergamot part is performed by a herb.

Baptisma Chapel Factory Contrast of bright bergamot and shadowy incense

In this perfume you experience an unusual combination of bergamot and incense, like the sudden sound of a child giggling and breaking the solemn silence in a church.

Tea Rituals | 5 O'Clock Английская Традиция (Discontinued) Brocard Inspired by Earl Grey tea

This perfume is a simple and lovely fragrant essay on the Earl Grey tea aroma. This tea is traditionally perfumed with bergamot which balances the bitterness of black tea with its zesty sweetness.

Bergamotto di Calabria Perris Monte Carlo The reference blend

Perris is a house who set some classic material as the main theme of a perfume. They also always go for the best materials they can source from around the world. For Bergamotto Di Calabria they acquired special "sponge extraction" bergamot oil from the Capua in South Italy. In this region the traditional artisans still perform the extraction manually. Each fruit is sliced in half, the pulp removed, and the rind impressed on a natural sponge in a circular motion to collect the essence. The bergamot rind extract obtained with this method has the most delicate and complex aroma, with a hint of jasmine.

Gingerlise J.U.S Bergamot resting on spicy amber

J.U.S. are working on an open formula basis so with Gingerlise we know the bergamot content: 10%. It's quite present in the fragrant space of this perfume. However, ginger in this blend tends to draw more attention with bergamot used to make the root's aroma juicier.

Extreme Niche SweDoft Sunny bergamot

Swedoft shaded the juicy citrus with a surprising choice of a drop of smoky oud. The effect is a sensation of cleanness but as if you washed your skin with tar soap.

Ambre Royal Ormonde Jayne Shading amber with a bergamot opening

This classic amber perfume has a lot of bergamot presence in the opening. A citrus intro before the balms and resins gives retro ambers a lovely delicious glow.

PG07.2 Morning in Tipasa Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Bergamot as the fragrant ambassador of the Mediterranean

Inspired by the Algerian sea coast in high summer this perfume has a lot of delicious bergamot sweetness adding carefree vibes and sunny mood. The citrus rests on fresh herbs and a sea breeze accord – which do not overwhelm it but on the contrary support it.

PG12 Hyperessence Matale Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Bergamot paired with black tea

In this perfume bergamot is shaded with black tea and dark earthy cashmeran - and voila it's not a sunny citrus but a meditative, fresh breeze with a bit of petrichor.