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Another year around the sun and we’re excited to bring you the perfumes that have topped the charts at Bloom in 2023!

Popularity in perfume often comes down to three things. Firstly, well-crafted scents that are carefully balanced, versatile and not overpowering. Secondly, they resonate with a broad audience, fostering a connection to positive emotions or happy memories. Lastly, they are scents that might offer something new and different without being too challenging.

 This selection is a wonderful window into what is popular in niche perfumery at the moment, one that will likely reflect the broader appetite of perfume lovers this year. Certain favourites have stood the test of time, but a handful of thrilling newcomers are making their mark. We notice a draw towards modern molecules with unique and distinctive compositions on the upswing. As well as a clear desire to embrace the ambiguity and buck the perfumed gender norms. Who said woods were just for men! What remains the same is the delight our customers have in the magical element of an exquisitely made fragrance of exceptional quality.

 From green and fresh themes to decadent florals, we give you the fragrant champions of 2023.

PG4.1 Le Musc & La Peau Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Generous and modern

A dream of gentle, woody white musks with diffusive ylang-ylang tones. An enduring favourite for the intuitive way it plays off your skin’s natural scent. This is a fragrance that lays close to the skin, and feels subtle, comforting, and minimalist - where less really is more.

The Ghost In The Shell Etat Libre d'Orange Avant-garde floral

A unusual yet mesmerising floral where pretty modern molecules serve up a delicate jasmine which is artfully layered with aldehydes, ambergris and milky skin accord. In the company of yuzu, and hints of fruits the scent holds a remarkable citrusy metallic creaminess. Soft and undeniably seductive.

Cow Zoologist Pretty unique

Lily-of-the-valley, vetiver and a wonderous milk accord work together to depict the enchanting elements of a bright, sparkling spring day. Here the exquisite fresh and floral blend is enhanced with musk and fruits to enrich and sweeten the formular. Brilliantly niche and exceptionally alluring.

PG16 Jardins de Kérylos Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Salted figs

Fragrant figs are wrapped in dreamy musks creating a gentle translucent effect. Highlighted by sea salt and peaches, they become more edible and delicious. A diffusion as shimmering and light as it is memorable and fresh. Exquisite, charming, a clear favourite.

Damask Ormonde Jayne Romance and Roses

Roses enveloped by charming pears and warmed by enriching amber tones. Meticulously crafted using the best materials, this is a rose that inspires and uplifts, commanding attention and respect with its gentle yet powerful beauty.


Distinct, nostalgic and edible – a full-bodied cherry that is sumptuous and delectable. Warming amber and vanilla underline the gourmand sweetness of the almond cherry and strawberries. While the gentle rose is enriched by patchouli, intensifying the seductive sweet leather diffusion. A scent to get you noticed.

Safran Gourmand Place des Lices Distinguished and delicious

Generous earthy sweet saffron is woven with notes of milk, almond and vanilla bringing instant warmth and softness. Delectable rich caramel dances with mellow woody sandalwood delivering an intoxicating fragrance that feels like velvet on the skin. You just can’t get enough.

Sebastian Carine Roitfeld A soft floral cloud

Wrap yourself in a cashmere cloud made of warm honeyed florals from immortelle to tuberose while sandalwood swirls in a rich sensual way. This soft yet diffusive scent is uplifting with elements of drama, like any empowered woman. No wonder it holds such feminine appeal.

Miréa Molinard Indulgent fruits

Stylish and romantic with blackcurrent, lychees and melons soaked in caramel and vanilla on a backdrop of rose and magnolia. The wearer will be as charming and joyful as this delightfully diffusive fragrance. Heads will turn.