High perfumery: the cannabis accord theme

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Trending now: the cannabis note in perfumery! Surprisingly, a few recent releases are toying with the marijuana aroma, giving a whole new meaning to ‘high perfumery’. So much so that we have compiled enough perfumes for a whole new edit dedicated to the ‘devil’s lettuce’ (a.k.a. ‘pot’, ‘Mary Jane’, ganja, hash, dope, grass, weed or simply cannabis!).

The reason behind this recent cannabis craze? Firstly the novelty factor, perfumers' will always push the boundaries of scent. Secondly, recent deregulation and aromachemical technology has meant these curious perfumers can explore the cannabis aroma to their heart's content. And thirdly, and probably most importantly, people are craving good-times and a post-lockdown high!

This pack explores the myriad ways in which the cannabis accord has been used. From straightforward green tones to the earthness that is reminiscent of a smoky warehouse rave.

Ganja Kasturi PRIN Raw and potent

A raw and potent perfume featuring an unabridged portrayal of the ganja aroma. To enhance the natural skunky nuance of cannabis, the perfumer has added the animalic note of deer musk (kasturi in Persian).

Beso Feliz Beso Beach High days and holidays

A whiff of high days and holidays created by a brand based in Formentera Island, just off the coast of Ibiza. Naturally, a perfume called “happy kiss/beso feliz” features a rather beautified pleasant reference to a spliff.

Ganja Oud Jul Et Mad Taking a break on the silk road

This perfume is part of the new library of distinct themes from Jul et Mad. This hashish-inspired perfume takes a rather idealised and romantic approach. It is as if you are taking a break on the silk road in a camp, filled by the smoke from incense burners and hashish pipes.

Indian Grass Sly John's Lab High altitude grass

If you have ever been a fan of Nasomattto's Black Afgano or missed the whole phenomenon altogether - try Indian Grass. It's a rich, potent and very naughty no-holds-barred replica of the aroma of hashish with a bit of fresh mountain breeze.

George Carine Roitfeld 60s Soho: punk & skunk

A nostalgic formula inspired by 60s Soho: its punk and its skunk. Imagine a packed bar with a back door leading to a loud live concert, stuffy and fragrant with pretty ladies, whose pretty perfumes intertwine with the cannabis smoke.

PG29 ITABAÏA Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Hemp: the natural alternative

Hemp is essentially in the same plant species as cannabis but with very low levels of the psychoactive component, so it is not a restricted drug. Rather, it is used for industrial purposes for its fibre and essential oil. Apparently, it can be used a perfume note as well. Pierre Guillaume uses hemp in quite a few of his creations. If you were to smell all of them in succession, you would realise that the hemp note has a gentle woody nuance alongside subtle aromas reminiscent of green hay. In some formulas, the hemp note complements the note of tobacco. In other formulas, it becomes the note of seaweed. In Itabaia, however, it may be part of the ‘banana leaves’ accord, contributing to the lush jungle effect.