Packed: your holiday perfume wardrobe | Unisex theme

You can order all perfumes featured in this theme as a pack of samples.

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Every scent you need for every moment of your holiday. From the plane to the beach, we’ve got your perfect perfume wardrobe packed!

We have collated a versatile selection that works in harmony with your holiday, step away from the duty-free perfume hall safe in the knowledge you’re gonna smell amazing! Fresh and aromatic lavender will ensure your journey is indulged in relaxing wafts of gentle floral tones. Never overpowering and always sophisticated. For sightseeing, whether it’s a museum or a hike to an ancient ruin, we’ve selected soft, cooling and woody notes, creating the perfect backdrop for your excursion. For your days by the beach or at the pool citrusy, refreshing and sweet notes will work with sun lotion, cocktails and sun-soaked towels for the ultimate summer holiday experience. As you head out for an al fresco dinner on the town or a party at the beach bar, highlight your tan and add a seductive twist to your outfit with an exquisite scent especially selected to get you noticed. We’ve included light and bright notes for your walk to the hotel breakfast, sip your orange juice and your cup of coffee and enjoy refreshing diffusions from lemon and mandarin to bergamot and jasmine.

As an olfactory phenomenon perfume influences our brains capacity to create memories, we hope this pack will help you treasure your holiday long after it's over.

Beso Negro Beso Beach Night on the town

Get kissed in a bar in Barcelona. With velvety violet leaves and smooth cool orris, all studded with cardamom. While dry cedar and spicy earthy cypriol makes this a loud and seductive scent made for summer nights. An excellent addition to your tan, you'll be getting compliments at the very least.

Still Life in Rio Olfactive Studio At the beach

The essential beach scent! Exotic and fun, indulgent and refreshing. The clever combination of mandarin, mint and Brazilian copaiba balm brings a zesty warmth that will enhance whatever sun lotion you’re wearing and work with whatever cocktail you’re drinking.

Tonka Lavande Marie Jeanne Relax on long haul flight

Soft, bitter-sweet tonka and cooling lavender. The perfect perfume for travelling; classic and relaxing. It’s soft sillage won’t overpower but conjures clean tones, making you feel enveloped in elegant cashmere even if you’re sitting in coach.

D600 CARNER A sightseeing scent

Bright and cool this is a perfect accompaniment for getting lost in a hot city or hiking towards a view. Citrus notes will keep you fresh while spicy cardamom mingles with jasmine and vetiver for a delectable finish. This scent will bring all you see into vivid relief.

Îles d’‎Or Molinard Breakfast included

Clean and gentle, a sparkling diffusion where juniper and honeysuckle lift and brighten with light mimosa and earthy patchouli. The green quality is delicate while the citrus notes add to the scent's refreshing nature. This is an ideal first spray of the day, conjuring your carefree holiday vibe.

Matin d’Été Place des Lices Towel time

Step out of shower after a long day in the sun and recline on crisp clean cotton sheets. Spritz bright and refreshing lime and be enriched with soft ylang ylang, your magical day at the beach lingers with hints of sea salt. This scent will idle as you rest as the sunsets.