Sandalwood Silhouettes theme

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Even if you don't have your finger on the pulse when it comes to perfume trends you can't escape the indomitable rise of sandalwood. The reason? It always works! Whatever the weather, whoever you are, there's a sandalwood perfume you'll fall in love with.

The versatility and dynamism of the notes means it's even more suited as a scent for transition, whether that's from day to night or Summer to Autum. In this pack we bring you a festival lineup of sandalwood scents.

As something fresh and green, sandalwood delivers smooth nuance that enhances crisp notes. While in its more smoky and leathery outfit it offers richer and darker tones, this often occurs when blended with orris (iris root). For perfumes that conjure oriental vibes, the woody profile of sandalwood works in harmony to bring notes like incense and amber into brighter focus. And then there's sandalwood that's been stripped back; where its experienced as minimalist woods or velvety and earthy. A perfect low-fi accompaniment to your day, the type of scent that people notice on you but you never feel out of place.

From clean blends to green and gourmand options, we hope to have created a sandalwood smorgasbord of samples that does justice to this perfume essential.


Sandalo Lorenzo Villoresi A reference blend

The Indian mysore sandalwood depicted here is woody, slightly camphorus and a tiny bit sweet. It is a beautiful base for the honeyed gaiac wood and floral diffusion of rose. It brings a warm flowing effect that swirls in the background of the otherwise dusty almost papery blend.

Elephant Zoologist Green & fresh

The young sandalwood, freshly cut and still oozing sap is green and slightly bitter. Dewy violet leaf and watery coconut milk accord create soft diffusive tones of cool crisp air. Sandalwood is almost juicy in its greenness.

Vetiver Santal Marie Jeanne Fresh and crisp

This perfume features a beautiful and rare variety of sandalwood from New Caledonia. This note introduces the warm flowing effect in the background of the otherwise fresh almost mineral blend.

Beso Negro Beso Beach Leathery & smoky

The sandalwood of the urban hipster; leather jackets and candlelit bars. Sandalwood and cedarwood combine to perform spicy, smoky, musky notes that are sensual and addictive. While cardamom, iris and violet crackle against these sweet woods and mingle gently with patchouli and cypriol.

Chambre Noire Olfactive Studio Amber’s softer element

Cool earthy sandalwood underlines the gentle sweetness of amber and dried fruits and harmonises with the mellow musk. In contrast patchouli and pink pepper warm the heart and intensify the seductive leather diffusion.

Sunsuality Pierre Guillaume White Collection The discrete backdrop

Sparkling lemon, kumquat and ginger is underlined by calming sandalwood. Here the sandalwood swirls behind the scenes but infuses the bright notes with depth and texture. It helps to conjure the sunlight with a musk that is soft and fresh.

Santal du Pacifique Perris Monte Carlo A reference blend

The reference sandalwood depicted here is woody, slightly smoky with an ambery sweetness. The earthy and sophisticated carrot seeds enhance the darker floral diffusion of rose. It brings a warm flowing effect that swirls in the background of the otherwise dusty almost papery blend.

Mansa Musa SweDoft Oriental & exotic

Capturing the warmth of sandalwood by pairing it with soft amber and saffron. The natural woodiness is made more luminous by sparkling bergamot. Lingering notes of rose, oud and musk ground the intensity and add an oriental edge to this rich, addictive scent.

Nanban Arquiste Leathery & smoky

A distinguished sandalwood, one that feels rich and velvety. Here it is in the company of spices, coffee, smoky cade, and resins giving the woody nature an exotic warmth.