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Explore the wonderous world of aphrodisiacs in perfume. Perfume is a fragrant message more to do with imagination than physiology. No fragrance out there will override someone’s unique personality when it comes to matters of the heart (or desires of the flesh!) but it's a good start!

This carefully edited selection is Bloom's siren's song, a helping hand to entice potential lovers. We have included a few 'crowd pleasers' that will have interested folk leaning towards you sniffing the air exclaiming “you smell nice”! Then we have the loud perfumes, impossible to ignore at close range attracting attention wherever you go; from soft fragrant florals, mysterious whip-like leathers, beautiful and modern ambers to outright dirty pheromonal vibes. Wear these and you'll send a clear signal of love or lust; which one depends on you.

Moth Zoologist A fragrant suggestion of intimacy

A fragrant suggestion of intimacy Moth is a very diffusive mysterious incense perfume. It will become a sweetly scented trail to lure someone to dimly lit joints. Moth is strong enough to dominate even a very crowded place. It’s not innocent though, it’s quite suggestive and sensual. The story is quite fitting too: a moth in love with a flickering flame, perishing (going up in flames) when it wished to be united with its love. C’mon, baby light my fire!

TARDES CARNER Prepare for all the compliments

A pretty, reassuring, ‘girl next door’ perfume. Prepare for all the compliments as people come within range of this soft, sweet and pleasant scent. With tonka, rose and powdery musks blend together to create something soft, smooth and seductive.

Close-Up Olfactive Studio Think Fifty Shades of Grey

Close-up is the sweet and submissive partner in BDSM. Cherry lipstick turns to and intense and sexy honeyed rose. This is one provocative scent, for the cute girl with darker desires.

Sirena Floris The girl next door

A perfume to wear if you can take compliments! Sirena is a soft classic floral with a twist. The floral element is inspired by the poisonous oleander flowers. In the same way Sirens songs are alluring and dangerous at the same time this perfume is not as innocent as it appears on the first sniff becoming quite addictive as it hangs in the air.

1000’1 Nights SweDoft Elegant seduction

According to the tale, Scheherazade was able to keep the king interested for 1001 nights with her stories and wit, not just beauty. 1000’1 Nights is about elegant confident seduction. With sensual roses spiced up with saffron, pepper and incense this perfume is for the sexy and self-assured.

DGAF BORNTOSTANDOUT Unleash your inner vixen