The garden of an imaginary herbalist/alchemist theme

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A long time ago, there was little difference between medicines, skincare and perfumes, and one would purchase these multitasking products from the same apothecary establishment, often run by monks. These alchemists would grow the ingredients in their herb gardens (London’s Covent Garden and Spitalfields are actually toponymic references to this), and then add exotic elements brought by merchants from faraway lands. Gradually, these types of products went their separate ways.

However, we still have a particular perfume style (sometimes called aromatic) that refers to these times. Aromatic perfumes typically have sage, verbena, chamomile, wormwood, rosemary, lavender, geranium, bay, and more exotic and rare herbs in their formulas. Could they be descendants of some lost medicine recipes?

This selection includes scented adventure stories referring to antique herbal blends, but also formulas where perfumers have adapted the herbal aromas to work in modern perfume styles.

Sloth Zoologist Slow-mo and calm-omile

This is an introspective and labyrinthian formula exploring the darkest shades of green: moss, bitter herbs (with a prominent chamomile note), and dry hay.

Run of the River Parterre Dorset herbs from an actual ‘Parterre’ garden

Walk in the sunny fields of the Keyneston Mills farm where adventurer horticulturalists grow herbs with curious citrus twists: bergamot mint, lemon thyme and clary sage. They send the extracts of these herbs to French perfumers who then mix them with other perfume ingredients to create Run of the River, a sunny green elixir.

EL Arquiste The whole alchemist/herbalist set

This perfume goes back to the times when the border between perfume, skincare and medicine was blurred, and these blends would be purchased from an alchemist/pharmacist deep in the narrow streets of 17th century City of London. EL features bay, geranium, clary sage, cinnamon leaves, and more. It’s a beautiful dark, herbaceous blend with a smoldering background, as if the herbs have acquired a smoky touch from the lab burner and fireplace.

Exil Jardins d’Écrivains The smoky cellar of an alchemist/herbalist

Experience the ambiance of an alchemist/herbalist's smoky cellar. Mind your head - there are mysterious bitter-smelling herbs hanging from the ceiling.

Mysterious Shadow SweDoft A beautiful wild lavender field

This is a pensive outdoors fougère with smoky lavender and bergamot. As if a gentleman applied his morning aftershave, set off on a hunt, and then ended up siting by a campfire absentmindedly listening to the autumn forest.

Wind from mount Kailash Anna Zworykina Herbal remedies from the mountain monastery